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The Cultural Origins of Populism

with Shir Raviv and Omer Solodoch

Journal of Politics (Accepted)


Does Support for Redistribution Mean What We Think it Means?

with Shir Raviv

Political Science Research and Methods (forthcoming)


The Political Consequences of Green Policies: Evidence from Italy

with Italo Colantone, Livio Di Lonardo and Marco Percoco

American Political Science Review (forthcoming)


Personal Economic Shocks and Anti-Immigrant Backlash

with Dan Hopkins and Omer Solodoch

British Journal of Political Science (forthcoming)


The Effect of Fox News on Health Behavior During COVID-19

With Eliot Ash, Sergio Galletta, Dominik Hangartner, and Matteo Penna

Political Analysis (forthcoming)

[PDF] [Data and Code]

After Defeat: How Governing Parties Respond to Electoral Loss 

with Tara Slough and Michael Ting

Political Science Research and Methods, 2022,10(4), 739-758.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

How the Ultra-Rich Use Media Ownership as a Political Investment

with Guy Grossman and Tamar Mitts

Journal of Politics, 2022, 84(4), 1913-1931

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Countering Public Opposition to Immigration: The impact of Information Campaigns

with Giovanni Facchini & Hirohito Nakata

European Economic Review, 2022, 141, 103959.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Against the Flow: Public Opposition to Immigration Stock and Flow

with Omer Solodoch

British Journal of Political Science, 2022, 52(3), 1055-1075.

[PDF[Data and Code]

Why Austerity? The Mass Politics of a Contested Policy

with Kirk Bansak and Michael Bechtel

American Political Science Review, 2021, 115(2), 486-505.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Social Penumbras Predict Political Attitudes

with Andrew Gelman

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021, 18(6).

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Tariffs as Electoral Weapons: The Political Geography of the U.S.-China Trade War

with Sung Eun Kim

International Organization, 2021, 1-38.

[PDF[Data and Code]

How Markets Shape Political Preferences: Evidence from a Field Experiment

with Moses Shayo 

American Journal of Political Science, 2020, 65(2), 473-492.

[PDF[Data and Code]

Ideology and the Debate over International Bailouts: The Case of Grexit

with Kirk Bansak, Michael Bechtel and Jens Hainmueller

Journal of Politics,  2020, 82:2, pp. 509-528.

[PDF[Data and Code]

The Evolution of the Immigration Debate:

A Study of Party Positions over the Last Half-Century

with Rafaela Dancygier

Comparative Political Studies, 2020,  53(5):734-774.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Economic Insecurity and the Causes of Populism, Reconsidered

Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 2019, 33:4: 152-170.


Economic Shocks and Political Preferences 

Annual Review of Political Science, 2019, 22:1, 277-295. 


Political Legacies

with Christian Fong and Neil Malhotra,  

PS: Political Science, 2019, 52:3.

[PDF[Full-length version]

The Economic Consequences of Partisanship in a Polarized Era

with Christopher McConnell, Matthew Levendusky and Neil Malhotra

American Journal of Political Science, 2018, 62:1, pp. 5-18.

[PDF[Erratum[Data and Code]

How Sanctions Affect Public Opinion in Target Countries:

Experimental Evidence from Israel

with Guy Grossman and Devorah Manekin

Comparative Political Studies, 2018, 51(14), pp. 1823-1857.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Policy Design and Domestic Support for International Bailouts

with Michael Bechtel and Jens Hainmueller

European Journal of Political Research, 2017, 56(4), 864-886.  

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Informed Preferences? The Impact of Unions on Workers' Policy Views

with Sung Eun Kim

American Journal of Political Science, 2017, 61:3, pp. 728-743.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Does Religiosity Affect Support for Political Compromise?

with Danny Cohen-Zada and Oren Rigbi 

International Economic Review, 2016, 57:3, pp. 1085-1106.


Do Concerns about Labour Market Competition Shape Attitudes Toward Immigration?

New Evidence from U.S. Workers

with Jens Hainmueller and Michael Hiscox

Journal of International Economics, 2015, 97:1, pp. 193-207. 


Expectation Setting and Retrospective Voting

with Neil Malhotra 

Journal of Politics, 2014, 76:4, pp. 1000-1016. 


Preferences toward International Redistribution: The Divide Over the Eurozone Bailouts

with Michael Bechtel and Jens Hainmueller

American Journal of Political Science, 2014, 58: 4, pp. 835-856.  

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Explaining Social Policy Preferences: Evidence from the Great Recession

American Political Science Review, 2013, 107:1, pp. 80-103. 


Economic Explanations for Opposition to Immigration:

Distinguishing Between Prevalence and Conditional Impact

with Neil Malhotra and Cecilia Mo

American Journal of Political Science, 2013, 57:2, pp. 391-410.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Measuring Individual Identity: Experimental Evidence

with Alex Kuo

Comparative Politics, 2012, 44:4, pp. 459-479.


Lost in Globalization: Economic Integration and the Politics of Discontent 

International Studies Quarterly,  2012, 46, pp. 484-500. 


Costly Jobs: Trade-related Layoffs, Government Compensation,

and Voting in U.S. Elections 

American Political Science Review, 2011, 105, pp. 166-188.


Short-Term Communication Effects or Longstanding Dispositions?

The Public's Response to the Financial Crisis of 2008

with Neil Malhotra

The Journal of Politics, 2010, 72:03, pp. 852-867.


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