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The Political Consequences of Green Policies: Evidence from Italy

with Italo Colantone, Livio Di Lonardo and Marco Percoco

American Political Science Review (forthcoming)


Personal Economic Shocks and Anti-Immigrant Backlash

with Dan Hopkins and Omer Solodoch

British Journal of Political Science (forthcoming)


The Effect of Fox News on Health Behavior During COVID-19

With Eliot Ash, Sergio Galletta, Dominik Hangartner, and Matteo Penna

Political Analysis (forthcoming)

[PDF] [Data and Code]

After Defeat: How Governing Parties Respond to Electoral Loss 

with Tara Slough and Michael Ting

Political Science Research and Methods, 2022,10(4), 739-758.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

How the Ultra-Rich Use Media Ownership as a Political Investment

with Guy Grossman and Tamar Mitts

Journal of Politics, 2022, 84(4), 1913-1931

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Countering Public Opposition to Immigration: The impact of Information Campaigns

with Giovanni Facchini & Hirohito Nakata

European Economic Review, 2022, 141, 103959.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Against the Flow: Public Opposition to Immigration Stock and Flow

with Omer Solodoch

British Journal of Political Science, 2022, 52(3), 1055-1075.

[PDF[Data and Code]

Why Austerity? The Mass Politics of a Contested Policy

with Kirk Bansak and Michael Bechtel

American Political Science Review, 2021, 115(2), 486-505.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Social Penumbras Predict Political Attitudes

with Andrew Gelman

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021, 18(6).

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Tariffs as Electoral Weapons: The Political Geography of the U.S.-China Trade War

with Sung Eun Kim

International Organization, 2021, 1-38.

[PDF[Data and Code]

How Markets Shape Political Preferences: Evidence from a Field Experiment

with Moses Shayo 

American Journal of Political Science, 2020, 65(2), 473-492.

[PDF[Data and Code]

Ideology and the Debate over International Bailouts: The Case of Grexit

with Kirk Bansak, Michael Bechtel and Jens Hainmueller

Journal of Politics,  2020, 82:2, pp. 509-528.

[PDF[Data and Code]

The Evolution of the Immigration Debate:

A Study of Party Positions over the Last Half-Century

with Rafaela Dancygier

Comparative Political Studies, 2020,  53(5):734-774.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Economic Insecurity and the Causes of Populism, Reconsidered

Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 2019, 33:4: 152-170.


Economic Shocks and Political Preferences 

Annual Review of Political Science, 2019, 22:1, 277-295. 


Political Legacies

with Christian Fong and Neil Malhotra,  

PS: Political Science, 2019, 52:3.

[PDF[Full-length version]

The Economic Consequences of Partisanship in a Polarized Era

with Christopher McConnell, Matthew Levendusky and Neil Malhotra

American Journal of Political Science, 2018, 62:1, pp. 5-18.

[PDF[Erratum[Data and Code]

How Sanctions Affect Public Opinion in Target Countries:

Experimental Evidence from Israel

with Guy Grossman and Devorah Manekin

Comparative Political Studies, 2018, 51(14), pp. 1823-1857.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Policy Design and Domestic Support for International Bailouts

with Michael Bechtel and Jens Hainmueller

European Journal of Political Research, 2017, 56(4), 864-886.  

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Informed Preferences? The Impact of Unions on Workers' Policy Views

with Sung Eun Kim

American Journal of Political Science, 2017, 61:3, pp. 728-743.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Does Religiosity Affect Support for Political Compromise?

with Danny Cohen-Zada and Oren Rigbi 

International Economic Review, 2016, 57:3, pp. 1085-1106.


Do Concerns about Labour Market Competition Shape Attitudes Toward Immigration?

New Evidence from U.S. Workers

with Jens Hainmueller and Michael Hiscox

Journal of International Economics, 2015, 97:1, pp. 193-207. 


Expectation Setting and Retrospective Voting

with Neil Malhotra 

Journal of Politics, 2014, 76:4, pp. 1000-1016. 


Preferences toward International Redistribution: The Divide Over the Eurozone Bailouts

with Michael Bechtel and Jens Hainmueller

American Journal of Political Science, 2014, 58: 4, pp. 835-856.  

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Explaining Social Policy Preferences: Evidence from the Great Recession

American Political Science Review, 2013, 107:1, pp. 80-103. 


Economic Explanations for Opposition to Immigration:

Distinguishing Between Prevalence and Conditional Impact

with Neil Malhotra and Cecilia Mo

American Journal of Political Science, 2013, 57:2, pp. 391-410.

[PDF] [Data and Code]

Measuring Individual Identity: Experimental Evidence

with Alex Kuo

Comparative Politics, 2012, 44:4, pp. 459-479.


Lost in Globalization: Economic Integration and the Politics of Discontent 

International Studies Quarterly,  2012, 46, pp. 484-500. 


Costly Jobs: Trade-related Layoffs, Government Compensation,

and Voting in U.S. Elections 

American Political Science Review, 2011, 105, pp. 166-188.


Short-Term Communication Effects or Longstanding Dispositions?

The Public's Response to the Financial Crisis of 2008

with Neil Malhotra

The Journal of Politics, 2010, 72:03, pp. 852-867.


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